18.4 and my sister Dana

March 16, 2017

Thanks for joining me in my Follow Dave Journey, we are in week 32.  This journey chronicles my attempt to be one of the Top 200 Fittest 50 – 54 year old males as measured by the CrossFit Open.

Alright, I’m home from Vegas and I’m ready to do the last two weeks of the CrossFit Open.  I would say that my results so far have been lackluster considering what my goal is, but just looking at a comparison to last year my results have improved dramatically.

Last year I ended up placed 1,681 out of 6,544, or in the 75th percentile.

After week 3 of the Open I sat in 823rd place.  Because there are over 8,300 50 – 54 year old men competing this year, my results put me in the top 10% in the world, so I sit in the 90th percentile.  I like looking at it this way because it sounds much more impressive…..smile

I’m not discouraged by how I have done but I continue to be impressed by how fit the men in my age category have become.


Last night the workout for the 4th week of the Open was announced.  Earlier in one of my posts I mentioned CrossFit Benchmark workouts.  These are workouts that every CrossFit gym in the world will do and track how their members progress over time.  This week’s Open Workout begins with the Benchmark workout titled Diane.

Diane is a couplet meaning that it includes two movements.  The first movement is the Deadlift, for men the deadlift is done at the weight of 225 lbs.  The second movement is the Handstand Push-up.  The workout has 3 rounds, with the first round being 21 reps of each movement, the second being 15 of each movement, and the third being 9 of each movement.  The workout has a time cap of 9 minutes.

As I have mentioned numerous times the handstand push-up is a hole in my fitness.  I can now do a few of these in a workout but to get through the first round in nine minutes would be heroic.

My Sister Dana

I heard on the radio earlier this week that a study was done in Sweden on Women who had a moderate level of Fitness during their “mid-life”.  These women that were fit during their mid-life had a 90% less chance of having Alzheimer’s or Dementia when they became older.

I don’t normally put much stock in these haphazard mentions on the radio but this one struck me because it hit very close to home on two levels.

I’m obviously very interested in fitness, but also my sister Dana, who I mentioned last week as having a birthday on Friday March 9th, has early onset Alzheimer’s and by most accounts is in the later stage of this disease.  Dana turned 56.

I don’t say this lightly nor am I looking for sympathy but I have had some very rough days over the last five years.  Last Friday was nearly as rough as any day I have experienced.  I think this will be the last birthday Dana spends on earth.  Even though I believe that Dana will go to a much better place, I can’t help but miss the incredible person I grew up with.

I’m not always sure why I write this blog but this week I am really confident in what I want to tell you.

If you are not doing something about your fitness, and I don’t care how old you are, you need to start……today.

The results are in, how we fight chronic diseases, including high blood pressure, diabetes, and now even Alzheimer’s, is through Fitness.  Then after spending time getting Fit you will decide to try eating better which will only make you more resilient to disease.

As great as life is it can still be really hard.  I encourage you to take the steps so that chronic disease becomes less of a possibility in your life.

Thanks for following me on my Journey.


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