Dave’s Vision and Goals

August 11, 2017

My name is David Cole and I own Veneta CrossFit. I’ve decided to start a blog on this web-site because frankly I’m not sure what to do with the web-site. One of the requirements of maintaining a CrossFit affiliate is to have an operating site, and while many affiliates have created and maintain awesome sites it really hasn’t fit well with my vision and goals for VCF, at least until now…….hopefully.
I started CrossFit in 2011 at Eugene CrossFit, I only have positive things to say about ECF and their fantastic coaches, unfortunately because of work commitments it became difficult to make enough classes for it to make sense to me financially. Because of this my family and I began to do CrossFit workouts in the shop at our house, which turned into neighbors joining us, then friends from church and finally random people working out with us. This led me and my daughter-in-law Destiny, as well as a close family friend, Chris Canham, to getting our Level 1 certificate which allowed us to start Veneta CrossFit. Due to a fortunate experience I was able to retire early giving us the opportunity to move VCF out of our shop and into our current location off of Hwy 126 in Veneta Oregon.
I mentioned earlier that I had vision and goals in mind for VCF, CrossFit is hard and expensive, while I don’t plan on making CrossFit easy I do plan on making CrossFit less expensive. My vision for VCF is to help make the people in the Veneta/Elmira area fit. To do this we had to make VCF less expensive then what it costs in the Eugene/Springfield area. We charge $75/Month for the first family member and $50/month for each additional immediate family member, for unlimited classes. This rate is 50-70% less than what you will pay at other CrossFit affiliates. We do this because we can’t make the people in this area fit unless they walk through our doors. The other reason we do this is because I’ve found that the people willing to work hard at CrossFit are people that I want to surround myself with. In general people that do CrossFit and specifically people that come to VCF are the friendliest, positive, fun, energetic, and honest people I know, uplifting my life and my family’s life.
Now “My” goal for CrossFit. Every year CrossFit holds a worldwide competition to find the fittest man and woman, called the CrossFit Open. They’ve also created five Master’s division for both male and female with one of these division being 50-54 year old male competitors. After the Open competition the top 20 competitors are brought together at the CrossFit Games to determine the fittest 50-54 year old man. I’ve always had a goal of being one of the top 20 fittest men, while I still have this goal I’ve realized that I need to set my sights a little more realistic shooting for one of the top 200. So my goal for the next eight months is to train and attempt to become one of the top 200 fittest 50 – 54 year old men in the world.

This brings me back full circle to what I’m going to do with this web-site. I intend to blog about how the process works for determining the top 200 and then what I think it takes for me to reach my goal. Once the Open competition starts in February of 2018 I will update on how I’m doing in the competition. This process will take the next eight months ending sometime in April of 2018. Now if you choose to follow me on this I promise that I will give you an update at least once a week. I enjoy reading other people’s blogs but there is nothing I hate more than investing time in someone’s blog only to have them become disengaged and quit updating on a regular basis. Because of this if you are reading this I promise that I have already written other posts and have numerous ideas for future posts.
Thanks for joining me on this journey and I welcome feedback and questions.