Living an Abundant Life

January 4, 2018

Thanks for joining me in my Follow Dave Journey, we are in week 22. This journey chronicles my attempt to be one of the Top 200 Fittest 50 – 54 year old males as measured by the CrossFit Open, which begins the end of February 2018. You can read more about the CrossFit Open here and here.

Wow, we have arrived at 2018. The CrossFit season is really here. I’m at Veneta CrossFit either five or six times a week and every time I’m there at least one person reminds me about the CrossFit Open or has questions about the Open. I can’t wait!

Holes in My Fitness

Holes in My Fitness was the title of my post in week 3, you can read it here. In this post I wrote about the five exercises that I was unable to do. My belief was that if I didn’t improve in these five areas I would have no chance of meeting my goal of Top 200 Fittest 50 – 54 year old males.

The five exercises that I labeled as the Holes in My Fitness were:

Toes to Bar

Chest to Bar Pull-ups

Hand Stand Push-ups

Bar Muscle-ups

Ring Muscle-ups

In Week 17 I wrote about my progress on these movements in the post titled Halfway Point, you can read it here. In this post I was happy to report that I had reached a level of confidence around Toes to Bar and Chest to Bar Pull-ups. But that I still had a level of dread with the Hand Stand Push-ups and Bar Muscle-ups.

A quick note about the Ring Muscle-ups. While I still think it is important for me to be able to do this movement, I don’t think that it will be a movement that I’m required to complete in the CrossFit Open. I could be very wrong about this, but this hasn’t been a required movement for a number of years and I don’t anticipate this will change in 2018. Time will tell but I hope I’m making the correct decision on this movement.

Which brings us to Hand Stand Push-ups. I have been working very hard on this movement and I’m happy to report that I now can do one Hand Stand Push-up.

I know what you’re thinking or at least should be thinking. Big deal one lousy Hand Stand Push-up. I admit, the fact that I got one is no big deal. The big deal is that I got one and that there are still seven weeks until the CrossFit Open begins. I’m confident that if I just keep working on this movement three or four times a week, by the first week of the Open I will be in good shape.

This is such a big relief to me. As recently as two weeks ago I was thinking it was no use. I just wouldn’t be able to do this movement. Now I’m confident that I can do the movement and that I will be able to string a number of them together by the time the Open begins.

The Bar Muscle-up is a different story. I also practice this movement three or four times a week. I think I have watched every You Tube video that has anything to do with a Bar Muscle-up. Up until now it continues to be no use. I just can’t get close to being able to perform this movement.

But……as I just learned on the Hand Stand Push-up, a major break-through can be just around the corner. In all honesty I don’t see how, but I have to believe that if I stay diligent, I will get it done.

Living an Abundant Life

I continue to learn so much on this journey. I’m writing this post on my Granddaughters Kaylee’s birthday, she turns one today. For those of you that don’t know, my family suffered an incredible loss a little over four years ago. Our daughter, Kendra and our two grandchildren, Hunter and KayLynn were killed in an auto accident.

Kaylee is such an incredible blessing to all of us. She has really filled a hole in our hearts.

I mention this because I had an awful workout today. Because of the business of life I had to work out by myself and I just couldn’t do anything right. I was lethargic, couldn’t lift the weights that are normally easy for me, and was still only able to do one Hand Stand Push-up. But at the end of the workout I was only thinking about Kaylee and seeing her on her birthday.

As much as I want to meet my goal of being in the Top 200, what I really want is to have an Abundant life. I want to experience life in Abundance. To do this I can’t only focus on one thing, and I can’t beat myself up when one thing in my life isn’t going perfectly.

Exercise and Diet are an important part of my life but they are only one part of my life. Days like today really bring this into perspective for me. Happy Birthday Kaylee your Grandpa really Loves You!

Thanks for following me on my Journey.

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