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November 3, 2017

Thanks for joining me in my Follow Dave Journey, we have made it to week 13. This journey chronicles my attempt to be one of the Top 200 Fittest 50 – 54 year old males as measured by the CrossFit Open, which begins the end of February 2018. You can read more about the CrossFit Open here.

In today’s post I want to give an update on my progress, where I think I am currently, and what I still need to improve on.


I continue to bounce around between 200.9 and 202.6 lbs. I’ve stated in the last few posts that I’ve lost 30 pounds since March but in actuality I haven’t quite hit the magic 200 mark. I haven’t lost weight for about a month now, this includes an eight day vacation the beginning of October. This has been a bit of a discouragement for me but I was encouraged the other day in reading about a CrossFitter that has lost 130 lbs, with the goal of losing 30 more. Her posts focused on the importance of being consistent, sticking to the plan in which she was having success, even during the times when the scales weren’t cooperating.

My goal continues to be 190 lbs, this is going to be tough especially during Thanksgiving and Christmas. I realize how hard it can be to stick to an eating plan during the holidays, and I have to be ok with indulging on some things I shouldn’t.  I also realize that if I plan my days carefully, I can still do this!

Holes in my Fitness

In week 3 I wrote about five areas that I considered to be Holes in my Fitness. These five areas all revolved around body-weight movements that I would need to improve upon to have a chance at being in the Top 200 Fittest 50 – 54 year old males.

Three of the movements I’ve made significant progress, Pull-ups, Chest to Bar pull-ups, and Toes to Bar. While I know that I will need to continue to improve these areas, I feel that if I continue on my current trajectory of improvement I will have the proficiency necessary to excel in the workouts that include these movements.

Of these three movements Toes to Bar have always been the most difficult for me. In 2015 the CrossFit Open included a workout where the Toes to Bar movement was prominent. When I did this workout in 2015 I wasn’t able to string multiple reps of this movement together, now I’m able to string 8-10 reps together. I believe that when the next competition starts in February I will be able to string together 15 reps, which will be more than adequate for the competition.

The other two movements, which I continue to struggle, are the Hand Stand Push-up, and the Bar Muscle-up. I have to confess that these two movements scare me. They scare me because I have doubts that I will be able to do them when the competition starts. I am a positive person, I want to exude positivity in everything I do, in fact one of my favorite sayings is “Happy Thoughts”. I don’t have “Happy Thoughts” when I think about Hand Stand Push-ups and Bar Muscle-ups, I have negative, nasty thoughts.

To be able to succeed at my goal I believe that I will need to be able to string together at least three Hand-stand Push-ups, and be able to do one rep of the Bar-muscle up multiple times, meaning its ok if they aren’t done continuously, I can drop off the bar between each one. I believe in prayer, please feel free to pray about these (smile).

Overall Fitness Level

In CrossFit you are encouraged to do certain workouts a few times a year so that you can track your progress. We call these Benchmark workouts. At Veneta CrossFit we have 12 benchmark workouts that we track during the year. Over a three month period we will do each of these workouts once, usually doing one per week.

This past week our benchmark workout was ‘Nancy’. Like the weather service naming storms that create havoc after women, CrossFit names the benchmarks after women because of the havoc they can create on your body. ‘Nancy’ is 5 rounds of 400 meter run and 15 Overhead squats with a 95 lb barbell.

Nancy has always been one of my favorite workouts and was the first benchmark workout I ever did in CrossFit. Three months ago when I did this workout I lowered my best time by over two minutes. This past week I was able to improve my time by another minute and 43 seconds.

As I wrote about in the Mental Side of Fitness post, the mind can work against you if you let it. I’m always questioning, Am I getting Stronger? Am I getting Faster? Am I getting Fitter? ‘Nancy’ came around at just the right time. In the past three months I’ve improved by almost four minutes. The improvements in this workout helped to renew my confidence. I am getting Stronger! I am getting Faster! I am getting Fitter! It’s going to be tough to get into the Top 200, but I’m excited to keep pushing.

Thanks for following me on my Journey.

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